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The Princess of Picky Eating Tries New Foods

The Princess of Picky Eating Tries New Foods
Delicious and Nutritious

A book full of nutrition.
A girl full of drama.

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  • Follow Sloane as she dodges healthy snacks and learns that new foods are tasty!
  • This surprising story includes basic nutrition facts - and a glossary
  • Discover delicious foods from around the whole wide world
  • This silly story has a lot of alliteration

Stacey Woodson, MS, RD, LDN, mother of 3, writes a children's book inspired by her daughter's picky eating habits.

Silly but stubborn Sloane dodges delectable snacks because she only eats foods beginning with the letter B! That is, until she's faced with an offer she can't refuse. 

Readers will learn basic nutrition facts. Children will enjoy reading a lot of alliterations aloud. This surprisingly entertaining children's story about nutrition will twist your tongue and make your belly rumble for international foods!


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